1. Why use a real estate agent?

The process of finding your desired home is much harder to accomplish by yourself - moving from one place to another, self-promotion and a lot of questions and questions that can not be answered. When you call a real estate agent, you not only save time, but also have a specialist who can advise you and answer any questions.

2. What is the flow of the market?

The rental price begins to rise in August, announcing the start of the academic year.

3. In which areas are the most new buildings??

Residential areas are predominantly in the newly formed neighborhoods of Cluj: Hello Day, Andrei Muresanu, Borhanci, Europe and Iris. As the real estate market is steadily growing, new developments have also emerged in neighborhoods such as Gheorgheni, Marasti, Manastir, Zorilor and the central area

4. I can buy a real estate with the credit from the bank ?

You can buy a building with credit from the bank, but the owner also has to agree. Find out all the credit details by going to the bank.

5. Why sign a convention?

The agent's role is to help you fulfill your dream of having a home. By signing the convention, you commit to paying the agent the services he offers you.